Water and wastewater

Water plays a very important role in the industry. It is a versatile liquid with many properties, which allow it to perform different functions in numerous industries. The industrial sector usually uses large amounts of water for its processes, from cleaning tasks to the transport of goods. Among the main applications of the industrial use of water are thermoelectric plants, manufacturing plants, mineral and oil refineries. and hydroelectric dams.

In some highly developed countries, industry can account for up to 80% of total water extraction. For example, industry uses almost 40% of the total water needs in the US and between 6 and 80% of this water use is for cooling.

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Wastewater represents any type of water whose quality has been negatively affected by anthropogenic influence (human activities). Residual waters include used, urban, domestic waters and the liquid industrial or mining residues removed, or the waters that were mixed with pluvial or natural waters. Due to its importance, wastewater requires canalization, treatment and removal systems. A null or improper treatment generates serious contamination problems.

Urban wastewater is normally managed through a sanitation network and is treated in wastewater treatment plants for purification before discharge.

Our expertise

Asimer Group puts at your disposal all its experience for the machining requirements of any sector that requires machining of medium-long series of great difficulty due to chip removal. Our contributions to both pump and valve markets is to offer a treatment that takes into account both the environment and efficiency.

As specialists in machining solutions, our mission is to offer a global solution from the supply of raw material to the inspected and assembled product. Our large-scale customers endorse us for our technical rigor, state-of-the-art technology, our own tooling design and our service.

Depending on their design and the way they act against the flow, the most common types of valves in the water and wastewater industries are:

  • Butterfly valves.
  • Globe or flat seat valve.
  • Retention valve.
  • Diaphragm valve.
  • Ball valve. 

Engineering solutions for the water sector