More than 30
years serving
the industry

ASIMER Group was born in 1993 as an auxiliary machining workshop. In its early years, it was mainly dedicated to pump and valve markets, supplying internal components for these products, retaining local customers and always offering the best service and quality.

Actually ASIMER Group is a company dedicated to the development of engineering projects and the machining and welding of all types of industrial products according to drawings and different materials.

High technology, together with the continuous innovation of manufacturing processes, allows us to carry out both unitary pieces of high precision and complexity and large series, at a national and international level.

Torno CNC vertical
Lorch S5 Speed Pulse
trevisan asimer

and industries we serve

In our 30 years of history, corporations and engineering companies at an international level have trusted us, making us part of highly relevant projects.

Our Project Management high level of specialization in project management and quality assurance has led us to work in different types of industrial sectors.


Our facilities and machinery

ASIMER is initially located in Bedia (Vizcaya). Leading a continuous and growing expansion that includes new markets, the company requires expanding its facilities. In 2002, the company moved to its current location in Záratamo (Vizcaya), where 2,700 square meters are occupied by the different departments of the company.

Machining Centers

TREVISAN DS 900 Fanuc 31i

Table 1500×1500 (2 pallets) 

Maximun turntable diameter Ø 1500 

TREVISAN DS 600 Fanuc 31i

Table 1200×1200 (2 pallets)

Maximun turntable diameter Ø 1200 

TREVISAN DS 500 Fanuc 31i

Table 600×600 (2 pallets)

Maximun turntable diameter Ø 900 

TREVISAN DS 300 Fanuc 31i – Model A 

Table 600×600 (2 pallets)

Maximun turntable diameter Ø 350 

TREVISAN DS 300 Fanuc 31i

Table 400×400 (2 pallets)

Maximun turntable diameter Ø 250 

TREVISAN DS 200 Fanuc 31i 

Table 1200×400


Drill Press

Soraluce, Foradia, Tago, Ibarmia, Erlo

Continous Saws (3)

Danobat, Lizarbe, Sabi

Desde Ø 100 hasta Ø 400


Castolin, Wemi, Bobytrans, Saf, Weldtronic

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), MIG/MAG (Metal Inert Gas/Metal Active Gas) o GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding), PTA (Plasma Transfer Arc)

Lorch S5 Speed Pulse Automated Column Boom Welding Machine


CNC Lathe (9)

Lealde, S.M.T, Okuma

From Ø 200×600 to Ø 600×1500

CNC Vertical Lathe (2)

SEDIN 1516 MF3 1 RAM FANUC Series O1 – TD

Ø 1800×2000 (eje C)

Yu-Shine VLR-850 ACT, GE FANUC Serie 01-TD

Ø 900×1200 (eje C)

Vertical Lathe (2)

Graffenstanden, Webster & Bennet

From Ø 900×500 to Ø 2600×1500

Milling and Boring Machines

CNC Milling Machine


Table 3000x800x600

CNC Boring Machine


From 800x500x3000 to 1500x600×500

Conventional Boring Machine (2)

Tos Varnsdorf

Table from 1200×1200 to 3000×4000

Sala de Metrología

Faro Arm F04-02-09-25048

CMM Derby Etalon

+ 1
+ 1 m.
Production Center
+ 1

Certifications and quality

Asimer obtains certification of ISO 9001:2015 in 2007, and this methodology for more than 15 years allows us to achieve our firm and permanent objective of offering a greater guarantee in meeting the expectations of our clients.

Due to our quality management system, based on continuous improvement, we control the different phases of the manufacturing process, and this way, we offer our customers top quality products.

In July 2020, the ISO 3834-2 Certification is obtained, which homologates us for welding and hardfacing according to drawings or samples, mainly of valves, pumps and industrial equipment for defferent sectors (sewage treatment plants, the petrochemical industry, desalination plants and paper mills).

Asimer Group is also homologated in more than 60 different Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS, PQR & WPQ) for casting reparation (carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and alloys) and hardfacing (stellite, inconel) in all different grades.


ISO 3834-2 Certificate


ISO 9001 Certificate

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