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Asimer Group is an Engineering company who integrates machining and welding services for industries in different sectors. Its experience is focused on the mechanical manufacturing of casted and forged industrial products for valve and pump markets, and on special welding overlay of all types of materials.

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Engineering services

Asimer Group is specialized in project management (PM), quality assurance (QA) and engineering services that allow the compliance of critical mechanical and mechanical-welded projects through the integration of different manufacturing technologies.

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Machining production

Asimer Group has the most modern high technology for machining processes, interconnected with each other to its management system (AGP/ERP), which allows each piece to be treated as unique, achieving complete traceability.

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Welding and special overlay

Asimer Group Welding Department is divided into two main operatives: casting reparations that requires a solution and special weld overlays. A weld overlay is a type of cladding that uses a welding process to melt a material onto the surface of another different material. A weld overlay is performed to protect the base material from corrosive environments.

Industries we serve

Oil and gas



Water & wastewater



Instalaciones Asimer Desarrollos de Ingeniería

Our facilities

We have the latest technology necessary to machine parts of different sizes, measurements and weights. From small size revolution parts for lathe and milling, to parts for vertical lathe and for chuck, with total weights of up to 10 tons.

Machining centers

Vertical lathe

CNC lathe

CNC milling machine

CNC boring machine

CNC vertical lathe


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Últimos proyectos

Campo petrolero Johan Sverdrup

El campo petrolero Johan Sverdrup es un campo petrolero en el Mar del Norte, a unos 140 kilómetros al oeste de Stavanger, Noruega.

Plataforma autoelevable Maersk

Maersk Convincer es una plataforma autoelevable en voladizo Baker Pacific Class 375 que se entregó en 2008.