The cryogenic industry has positioned itself as fundamental in many markets and industrial projects.

Cryogenic engineering is a branch of engineering, considered as the science of low temperatures and their effects on different substances and materials. The cryogenic market includes the entire value chain; from the design to the manufacture, assembly and maintenance of cryogenic plants.

The growing demand for Industrial Technical Gases and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), together with the high demands of the industry, make it necessary to use cryogenic valves that provide solutions not only technically but also economically for cryogenic processes.

valvulas criogénicas
Válvulas criogénicas

Cryogenic Valves are essential instruments for many industries where cryogenic techniques are used. The growth in demand for LNG makes visible the need to invest in the development and research of cryogenic valves in order to adapt to the different industries and their demands.

The important and growing trend in the use of this technology is mainly due to the increase in the consumption of industrial gases, among which are Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Xenon and Krypton. Due to the process of obtaining them and their consequent storage, they must be liquefied, to increase said storage capacity and reduce storage and logistics costs. All this process is only viable thanks to cryogenic techniques and processes.

Due to the extreme conditions to which industrial valves are subjected during these cryogenic processes, the production materials must be top quality, ductile but not brittle, such as the high quality stainless steel used, as well as nickel and copper alloys, such as the bronze.

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There are various types and designs of cryogenic valves, which will suit different industrial processes. Due to the wide demand, these processes tend to be increasingly standardized, complying with already established designs and regulations. Its correct development avoids unexpected costs, such as those that can be produced by the replacement of valves or its incorrect installation, thus being able to ensure its maximum useful life.

Asimer Group has extensive experience in products related to the cryogenic sector, such as triple eccentricity valves and ball valves.

Engineering solutions for the cryogenic industry

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