8 Axial Flow Valve Bodies 14” 600# RTJ, in WCB




ASIMER GROUP completes the project for 8 AXIAL FLOW VALVE Bodies 14” 600# RTJ, in WCB, including:

  • Axial retaining rings 14” 600# (material raw procurement, complete machining, coating)
  • Fully machining and Final NDTs in the sealing Areas, for the 6 bodies
  • Assembling the Axial ring inside the bodies

The Axial OnOff valves are engineered for fast-reversing systems where backflow is a constant concern. It is categorized as a non-slam check valve as the valve closes without slamming meaning no excess pressure spikes are created

The Axial On-Off Valves are specifically suitable for severe duty on-off (upstream) and for quick-acting safety applications (HIPPS, ESD). Pressure has no impact on the operating forces, and the valve can be opened against full differential pressure.


  • EASY ACTUATION: Actuation force is low and constant because of pressure-balanced trim.
  • AXIAL FLOW: Streamlined flow path through the full-port expanded body avoids turbulence and prevents erosion and vibration. PRESSURE BALANCED: Operating forces are independent of pressure. Valve can be opened against full differential pressure without damage to sealing.
  • LOW PRESSURE LOSS: The capacity of the axial on-off valve is extremely high, as a result of which the pressure loss is negligible.
  • COMPACT: The one-piece valve body provides 15-60% weight reduction compared with ball or gate valves.


  • Flow line and header on-off
  • Severe-duty on-off (upstream)
  • Quick-acting on-off (HIPPS, ESD)
  • Critical isolation, start-up and blow-down
  • Switching valve (mol sieve)